New Rings in the Niittypolku Collection!


Two new rings have been added to the Niittypolku collection. These rings fit perfectly together with the other rings in the Niittypolku collection.

The V-130 ring has 13 diamonds with a total weight of 0,21ct. Milgrain setting border. The ring is approx. 2,4mm wide.

The ring V-141 has a 0,22-0,32ct centre brilliant in a prong setting and a total of eight diamonds on both sides of it and a milgrain setting border. The width of ring V-141 is approx. 2,9mm.

Both rings are manufactured in gold 18K.

In this picture: Ring V-141w med with a 0,24ct brilliant centre in the middle, ring V-130w on both sides

New Ring Combinations on our Website!


We have added new pictures on ring combinations on our site in order to help you choose rings that fit perfectly with each other.

There are new pictures in both groups of “Ring combinations”.

New Ring in the Toivomuslähde Collection


Use the new ring N-80w in the Toivomuslähde collection as a single ring or combine it with e.g. rings with diamonds in a row.

In the picture: A luxurious combination with ring N-80w in the middle and rings Myötätuuli E-129w on both sides.

Ring N-80 is 18K gold. The ring in the picture is with a 0,28ct centre brilliant. The total weight of the diamonds is 0,60ct.

The centre brilliant on ring N-80w can also be replaced with a ruby, blue sapphire, pink sapphire or a black diamond.

A new Myötätuuli pendant

Now introducing the new impressive pendant R-9230w to the Myötätuuli collection.

The total weight of the 28 diamonds on the pendant is 0,53ct and the diameter of the pendant is approx. 20mm. Made of 18K white gold. The pendant is also available with a loop in yellow gold.

New Vuoripuro Pendant

The Vuoripuro collection has been expanded with a pendant, V-512 with one diamond, total weight 0,23-0,45ct.

New ring in the Keulapurje collection


The new arrival in the Keulapurje collection is the ring K-48-8, decorated with diamonds on the sides.

The material of the ring K-48-8 is gold 14K and the total weight of the diamonds is 0,13ct.

First Autumn Arrivals!


The first arrivals for autumn 2013 are here!

The first novelties include three rings in the Niittypolku collection, a pendant with one diamond in the Vuoripuro collection as well as two new rings with diamonds in a row in the Aamukaste collection. More news to be launched later in the autumn!

In this picture: One of the Aamukaste rings, V-335. The total weight of the five diamonds starts from 0,67ct, set in 18K gold.

Spring Novelties on Show!


The new diamond rings have arrived and are on show at our retailers. Pictures and detailed product information are found here on our website.

In this picture: The new ring V-115w, collection Kassiopeia.

New Arrivals in the Kuunsäde Collection

The latest diamond rings in the collection Kuunsäde are V-15 with one diamond (in the picture) and the ring V-17 with one large diamond set in the centre and smaller diamonds on the side.

The ring V-15 has one diamond, weight 0,23-0,60ct. The ring is approx. 2,5mm wide and the shank is slightly rounded, i.e. a D-shaped profile.

The ring V-17 is a diamond-decorated version of the most slender ring in the collection, V-11. There are a total of 12 diamonds on the ring.

Both Kuunsäde novelties are set in 18K gold.

Den populära radringen M-47 i Kassiopeia kollektionen passar perfekt ihop med den nya diamantringen M-547. Ringen M-547 är 2,4 mm bred och diamanten i kroninfattningen i mitten är 0,13ct H(W)-vs.

The popular diamond ring M-47 in the Kassiopeia collection fits perfectly in with the new diamond ring M-547.

The ring M-547 is 2,4mm wide and the diamond in the prong setting weighs 0,13ct H(W)-vs.

A New Kallioranta Ring


The newest member in the Kallioranta collection is the ring V-64-10.

The ring is approx. 3mm wide with a D-shaped profile, set in 18K white or yellow gold.

The total weight of the diamonds is 0,21ct (the centre brilliant 0,06-0,07ct).

A New Merivirta Ring


The new ring T-37w has seven diamonds with a total weight of 0,42ct.

The ring is approx. 7mm wide

Kuunsilta Collection: Novelty Rings


The new Kuunsilta diamond rings with a D-shaped profile are E-127 (in the picture) and E-187.

E-127, width approx. 3mm and it has 12 diamonds with a total weight of 0,12ct.
E-187, width approx. 4mm, seven diamonds with a total weight of 0,20ct.

Both are set in 14K gold.

New rings!


Year 2013 stages the premiere for rings in the Niittypolku collection: V-140 and V-143, both designed to go together.

Ring V-140 has 10 diamonds with a milgrain setting border. The total weight of diamonds is 0,33ct.

The V-143 ring has a 0,20-0,30ct centre brilliant in a prong setting and 0,07 diamonds on both sides of it. The row is completed with six side diamonds with a milgrain setting border.

Both rings are approx. 2,9mm wide. Material 18K gold.

In this picture: In the middle, ring V-143w with a 0,25ct brilliant centre, surrounded by V-140w rings.

New earrings!


The new Kastepisara hoop earrings are designed for changeable ornaments mounted on the earring.

There are two different lengths, 14mm and 18mm. The earrings are hand-made out of solid, 2mm thick 18K white or yellow gold cord so the structure is strong and firm. The ornament is thread on the ring from the peg side and the stopper at the other end prevents the ornament from falling off. At present, the collection includes six different ornaments, e.g. with one diamond, one black diamond, one pink sapphire, ring of diamonds and an outline of a leaf. New models to be released soon!

In the picture: Longer Kastepisara earrings with L-9120w ornaments.