Sandberg diamond jewellery is designed and handcrafted in Finland in small batches, respecting traditional craftsmanship. In this way, the individual contribution and imprint of our master goldsmiths is best appreciated. All of our jewellery is available in both yellow and white gold.

The quality of our jewellery originates from a strong focus on all areas of the production process, starting from the selection of raw materials. The diamonds we use have been obtained from reliable suppliers and they come with a certificate that guarantees their conflict-free and legal origin. In white gold, as in all other metal alloys, we only use the purest alloy grades.

We listen carefully to our customers’ wishes, which also create a strong basis for the design of our models. This is the way we have been operating ever since the company was founded in 1960.

Sandberg is a Finnish family business whose products meet the strictest quality criteria. We personally vouch for our quality in all circumstances.

Uuri and Päivi Sandberg