New ring models have been added to our collection to honour the new year, and there are more to come. Pictures of the new models will be added to our pages during the beginning of the year, but here is some advance information:
Pictured is the latest addition to the Wishing Well halo ring collection, the V-693w, which has a center piece consisting of 5 small pavé set diamonds. With a list price of 1549€ the new V-693w is the most affordable halo ring in our collection.
The V-41w ring in the Horizon collection will soon be available with a smaller, 0,14ct diamond, and with a list price of approximately 1100€.
The selection of our solitaire rings will soon include a new ring with a very delicate shank and a four-claw low profile crown setting. Initially the ring will be available with a 0,10-0,25ct diamond, and later on also with a larger stone all the way up to 0,40ct.
The vintage style Summer Wind band ring M-112 will be accompanied by two new similarly styled rings: the M-105 has five stones, and the shank and the setting are the same width as in the M-112. The M-110 ring, with a 1,8 mm wide shank and 0,01ct diamonds, is a more delicate and also a more affordable alternative to the M-112 ring.